June 2021

                                                                                  Gesellschaft für Auxologie
                                                                                         Auxological Society

Dear Friends, dear Members of the Auxological Society,

still, travelling and meeting is difficult, and certainly has hampered much activity. We are sorry for these impediments. Nevertheless, our annual International Student Summer School in Gülpe is organized and takes place near Potsdam, July 18th to 24th 2021, focussing on

          Human Growth – Data Analyses and Statistics

We also prepare for our next Soiree to be held again in Krobielowice, Saturday November 20th 2021 on

         Growth & Public Health Concerns

We hope that due to progress in vaccination, this year’s Soiree can again be held face-to-face. For those who have difficulties in physically participating, we will also organize virtual participation. Details will be given later.

Since a few days, our Society’s new open access journal Human Biology and Public Health is online ( We would be delighted if you might distribute this information. As we will have new cover photos once a year, we will take advantage when being together at the Soiree to choose the best pictures for the next issue. Please check your anthropological collection of photos. And bring them with you in November so that we may select next year's cover when sitting together in Krobielovice.

We wish you all the best and health for this summer


Christiane Scheffler                  Michael Hermanussen                           Slawomir Koziel