Annual meetings

The last annual meeting was held Saturday, June 17th 2023 on

                                                NETWORKS IN AUXOLOGY

Conference Organizers:
Auxological Society – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auxologie (DGA) e.V.
Aschauhof 3, 24340 Altenhof, Germany, tel. +49 435141738, e-mail:

Slawomir Koziel, e-mail:,
Ludwik Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy Polish Academy of Sciences
Rudolfa Weigla 12, 53-114 Wrocław, Poland, tel. +48 713371172, +48 713709930, e-mail:

The proceedings of this meeting will appear in the next issue of this journal.

Next year's meeting is planned for November 2024 in Krobielowice castle, Poland.